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  • Excellent transaction - eckertech's extruder kit worked perfectly. Thank you!
  • I was extremely pleased with the RepRap printed parts. The finish and the accuracy is as good as the printing technique will allow. I will recommend others purchase from eckertech.
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  • Thanks. Parts are top notch!
  • Good seller, Good customer support.
  • Excellent Seller, will buy from again.
  • Excellent transaction. Recommended !!!!!!
  • Smooth transaction.Great communication. Highly recommend the seller.
  • Excellent! Shipped Very Fast!
  • Excellent transaction. Prompt delivery,great item, well done. Recommended !!!!!!
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ecksbot Hot End also used for Prusa style conversion Hot End

  • Fully Assembled Hot End
  • ecksbot Hot End
  • High Temperature
  • ecksbot Fan Cowl
  • Precision machined
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Product Description

The Last Hot-End You Will Ever Buy

The Eckertech hot-end is a two part, all metal design capable of both low speed, low volume and high speed, high volume prints. By removing the need for a PTFE barrier and by employing a large heatsink with active cooling, the hot-end is capable of very high heats without the worry of heat migration or heat related jams, no matter your choice of 3mm plastic (PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate, PVA, HDPE, Nylon or Laywoo-d3). In fact, we have never experienced a jam in our hot-ends that wasn’t caused by foreign debris! Machined from quality material to tight tolerances, the Eckertech hot-end is a strong, durable design capable of printing the most demanding of prints. Whether printing at a rough 0.4mm vertical resolution or an ultra-fine, ultra-detailed 0.05mm (50 micron), the Eckertech hot-end can do it all.

Included in package

1 - Assembled hot-end (0.45mm nozzle size)
1 - Extruder Fan
1 - Extruder cleaning kit (copper tube & nozzle cleaner)

Note: Custom nozzle sizes available upon request at no additional cost.  Plastic parts not included. 

Don't have an ecksbot but want to us this hot end?

We have a conversion kit available here: https://www.eckertech.com/hot-end-conversion-kit-for-nema-17-prusa-style-machines/.  This kit upgrades any prusa style machine with standard x carriage (prusa, prusa 2, mendel max, etc...) to the eckertech hot end standard.

OR you can download the files to print the plastic parts for this conversion kit here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:70480



High Temperature:

The Eckertech all metal construction allows the hot-end to operate at extreme temperatures that are unattainable with PTFE liner based designs. The hot-end can operate at temperatures in excess of 300 degrees Celsius without worrying about jamming due to heat migration or a melted PTFE liner.



Active Cooling:

Zero danger of heat migration and extruder jam common to most PTFE barrier, and low profile hot-ends. With the use of a low thermal transfer stainless steel filament guide, and a large, actively cooled aluminum heatsink, we are able to keep the temperature beyond the heatsink below 60° Celsius and well below the point where either ABS of PLA become sticky or begin to swell. In fact, one of our design requirements was to create a hot-end that could be heated to a temperature above that required to print and sit for 1 hour without printing, and not jam.



Sturdy All Metal construction:

Designed around a two part construction, the all metal hot-end has a high thermal transfer brass heating barrel and a low thermal transfer stainless steel filament guide. This two part design, in conjunction with a large aluminum heatsink and active cooling gives rise to the ideal heating system for a 3D printer; A highly reactive heating chamber with plenty of heat capacity, and finite thermal break point above which keeps the filament nice and cool.

The large aluminum heatsink also serves a very important second function; it creates a wide stance, 3 point mounting system. The 3 point mounting system creates a strong, sturdy and durable structure that can withstand the roughest of users. Let’s be honest, sometimes we accidentally use our hot-ends as battering rams. Like clicking home on the wrong axis while printed parts are still on the bed, or printing so thick that the extruder grinds through previous layers. While we don’t recommend trying these things we do know that compared to other hot-ends our nozzle will still work after crashing through parts.


Precision machined:

All components are precision machined to tight tolerances and all areas that are in contact with plastic filament are machine reamed for a polished finish. Our strict attention to quality leads to highly repeatable printing results across machine builds. When used in conjunction with out stock slic3r and                                                  
skeinforge settings, prints are 100% repeatable.



360° degree heater barrel:

Unlike the common single resistor side mount hot-ends, the Eckertech hot-end employs a dual channel, 360° design that provides a uniform heat profile that provides more consistent printing. The dual channels are wrapped in a professional grade nichrome heating wire, double wound with a 2mil kapton insulator. This isn’t your regular everyday nichrome wire! Using nichrome and providing a 360° wrap means that the hot-end is not only very consistent, but is also more reactive than resistor based designs.


High flow rate, No filament jams due to heat migration:

Capable of running at 2.5mm/sec of raw 3mm diameter filament intake reaching the equivalent of 111mm/sec filament output through a 0.45mm aperture. As a working example we regularly print at 120mm/sec infill with a 0.3mm layer height and 0.45mm extrusion width.


Easy cleaning with included cleaning kit:

No disassembly or small fires required. Simply use the included cleaning kit to quickly and thoroughly clean the inside of hot-end from top to bottom, including the tricky bit of cleaning the orifice.


Works with both 3mm ABS and  3mm PLA:

With its sturdy design, ability to work at high temperatures, and easy cleaning procedure; filament changes between PLA and ABS and back again are a snap. It can be as simple as heating to ABS temperature and running the filament until the old plastic is no longer present. Or if you are in a hurry, simply clean the hot-end using the included cleaning kit and you can change over in minutes without a trace of the old plastic.


Proven Track Record:

With 7 iterations, countless test hours, and over 20,000 hours of printing across our production machine fleet; the Eckertech hot-end is a proven workhorse.

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Product Reviews

  1. Ecckertech hotend 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Apr 2014

    I bought my 1st 3d printer 15 months ago and have put at least 10 rolls of 3mm filament through it since then. I have had a few issues as in any learning curve, but the hot end has functioned flawlessly. Now in building a 2nd printer I have bought the same hot end. Just installed it this week and it is working great. I don't knw why anybody would buy anything else. I see posts in the forums with all the troubles with ptfe tubing, etc. etc. This is truly a plug and play type hot end. Thanks eckertech. (Now if you would make a version to fit in place of the others:-)

  2. Great hot-end, Great people 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2013

    Bought this hot end a month ago and works great, Ran lots of PLA through it with no problems. Bruce from EckerTech has been a great help for issues I was having with my printer (sell mendel). I would gladly do business with EckerTech again

  3. New printer new hotend 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jan 2013

    Have only used this hotend for s Hirt period of time but so far it has performed very well. Heats quickly and maintains temp. Fan setup keeps the top. End cool.

  4. Best hot end ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2012

    This hot end heats extremely quickly and stays at temperature. As long as you use the recommended fan, it works flawless - never leaking or heating the attached extruder. I've tried 4 different hot ends, and this one has worked the best. How about a 1.75mm version?