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  • Excellent transaction - eckertech's extruder kit worked perfectly. Thank you!
  • I was extremely pleased with the RepRap printed parts. The finish and the accuracy is as good as the printing technique will allow. I will recommend others purchase from eckertech.
  • Great, Recommended
  • Thanks. Parts are top notch!
  • Good seller, Good customer support.
  • Excellent Seller, will buy from again.
  • Excellent transaction. Recommended !!!!!!
  • Smooth transaction.Great communication. Highly recommend the seller.
  • Excellent! Shipped Very Fast!
  • Excellent transaction. Prompt delivery,great item, well done. Recommended !!!!!!
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The RepRap community is growing by leaps and bounds around the globe. While many benefit through affiliation with RepRap the open source RepRap Project itself relies on donations to fund further development. On January 1, 2012, Eckertech Inc. initiated a donation program, 1% of all purchases made through this website will be donated back to the RepRap Project on our customers behalf.
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ecksbot 2014 fully assembled 3D printer in Red/Black ABS

  • ecksbot 2014 fully assembled 3D printer in Red/Black ABS
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Product Description

The ecksbot 2014 is the next generation of our ecksbot 3D printer line. Built on EckerTech innovations the ecksbot 2014 model is stronger, sturdier, has a much cleaner look and outperforms the competition on all of the major print metrics.


The entire machine is now stronger with “beefier” plastic parts. Which enables the ecksbot to print much faster than its predecessor. Initial torture tests have the ecksbot 2014 printing at 125mm/s, acceleration at 9000 and a high “jerk” setting. Creating an almost 100% increase in print speed (50% decrease in print time)
Each machine is now available in 2 colours (1 major colour, 1 minor colour). Customers can now pick which colours they prefer.
Z Motors are now on the bottom of the machine
Wiring has been dramatically cleaned up. Terminal block connectors are now hidden underneath the ecksbot.
The Ramp electronics now has a cover and built in cooling fan.
The Power supply leads are now covered and a plug with fuse and switch are built in.
The Y bar clamps now have a built in adjustment bolt to allow for minor up and down adjustments of the Y smooth rods.
We’ve added a cooling fan for prints that need extra cooling while printing
Eliminated the friction fit linear bearing holder, we now use a bolt and “wedge” system
The only zip ties required are for the new spiral wrap holders. All other zip ties have been eliminated for a much cleaner look and feel.


Still not convinced?!?! Here is a more technical description:

The ecksbot fully assembled 3D printer is as close to a "Plug & Play" hobby printer that you will find. The ecksbot boasts a large print volume 200mm(W) x 200mm(D) x 135mm(H), big enough to print large objects. Every ecksbot has been packaged to EckerTech standards containing high quality components to match the high quality of EckerTech printed parts. From the EckerTech hot-end to long lasting precision ground hardened chromed linear motion rod the ecksbot is designed for precision and durability. The ecksbot design is a sturdier and sleeker derivative of the Prusa 2 built on EckerTech innovations and putting a little more Sell's Mendel back into the mix, making it a true and evolutionary RepRap.

The ecksbot comes preloaded with Marlin firmware v1.0 already configured on your Ramps 1.4 electronics.  Although you can use any slicing program or host program available in the open source community.  We highly recommend Repetier as your host program and Slic3r as your slicing program.  Because of this we include all the slic3r settings you will need to slice up your 3D objects and Repetier settings to start printing.

Each ecksbot is built with quality in mind.  We strive to deliver high quality machines and will take the necessary time to ensure your printer is fully calibrated and meets our strict quality standards.  Our lead time for a fully assembled and calibrated ecksbot is 1-2 weeks after your payment is received.

Check out our online community @ forum.eckertech.com and blog.eckertech.com to see what is new with the ecksbot and EckerTech Inc.  Register on the forum and ask any question you can think of, our experienced moderators are eager to help.

We use premium parts and components when assembling every ecksbot.  Below is a list of everything that we will use to assemble your ecksbot.

            Fully assembled RAMPS 1.4 built on a black PCB because it just looks better that way – Ramps cover with cooling fan already assembled
Arduino Mega 2560 with USB cord
4 Genuine Pololu's built on 4 layer, 2oz PCB for better heatsinking
1 SD Ramps addon for autonomous printing (printer not attached)
12V 25Amp 300Watt Power Supply with 110/220V switchable
Micro switches
Full ecksbot wiring harness

            High quality fasteners – including some spares (just in case)
5 x High torque Nema 17 Stepper Motors - 63 oz-in, 1.5amp, 1.8 degree/step
Pre-lubricated, chrome steel, deep groove radial 608 ball bearings with yellow seals to protect the bearing from dust and contamination
LM8UU linear bearings
Kevlar belts

            Chrome plated precision ground hardened smooth rod
Stainless steel threaded rod
EckerTech hobbed bolt kit – the most sought after hobbed bolt on the market today.
For installation instructions, see Alternate Wade's Extruder Hobbed Bolt Installation.

Hot Stuff
            Eckstruder kit complete with our fully assembled hot-end. Great for printing in PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate, PVA, HDPE, Nylon or Laywoo-d3.
EckerTech durable all metal Hot End features a .45mm nozzle with 3mm inlet. Heated by heavy gauge nichrome wire insulated with 4 mil of double wrapped kapton and fan cooled aluminum heatsink the hot end will extrude reliably through prolonged printing at temperatures up to 300° C
EckerTech’s custom dual layer nichrome heated build plate. The EckerTech HBP is more durable and heats up faster than a PCB and maintains a more consistent temperature throughout the plate than a resistor HBP. Bulldog clips allow for easy removal of the top plate for faster cooling (CAREFUL IT’S HOT!).

            Very High Quality plastic printed parts. Every part is printed on an EckerTech 3D printer.

Bonus Extras
            1 lb North American made ABS
copper tube for hot end cleaning

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